911 Funding

Wireline & Wireless Surcharge

Who Pays for 911?

  • 911 is a local service, provided by the counties, cities and towns, (who provide mutual funding assistance through cooperative inter-local agreements).

  • The state collects end user surcharges (90¢ for landline and wireless phones, and 50¢ for pay-as-you-go wireless handsets. This funding operates the statewide 911 network and is an aid to funding 911 service within the 92 counties.

What does the state 911 office do?

The state 911 program office:

  1. Administers the collection and distribution of 911 funding assistance from the state to local level.
  2. Oversees the operation of the statewide 911 network, which routes and delivers wireless 911 voice and text messages from the public to the local 911 authority.
  3. Provides information about improvements in 911 service to the local 911 authorities.
  4. Ensures that essential services are available on a statewide basis for things like 911 call transfer, language translation and that originating service providers (phone companies) have direct access to the statewide network.
  5. Ensures that new technology is available and widely deployed to meet the public's expectations -- and to meet the individual needs for all residents and visitors to Indiana.

Where can I learn more about the IN911 project?

The Indiana 911 (IN911) program is recognized as an industry leading program with proven results. It is one of the most advanced emergency services inter-networks (ESiNets) in the United States.

Prepaid Wireless Surcharge

Effective, July 1, 2012, all retail merchants in Indiana who sell prepaid wireless telephone services (through the sale of a prepaid phone or prepaid phone card) now must collect $.50 per sales transaction. This is an increase from $.25 per sales transaction, which has been in effect since July 1, 2010.

The fee, known as the Prepaid 911 Enhancement Fee, will ensure Indiana complies with 911 requirements set down by the Indiana General Assembly. This is the result of an Indiana law (IC 36-8-16.6-14) passed during the 2010 legislative session.

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