Text to 911

What You Need To Know

Can I send a text-to-911?

The map on the home page of this site shows the coverage area for Indiana. It is updated often. Information is also available at www.fcc.gov/text-to-911.

How do I text-to-911?
  • Find the message or messaging icon or menu choice on your phone. Do not use a text app you downloaded.
    • Select 'create a new text message'.
    • Put 911 in the to: field.
    • Put your emergency and your location in the message body.
    • Do not attach or send pictures or videos.
    • Keep your message short and do not use abbreviations.
  • After you enter your text, press send.
  • The 911 center will reply within 20 seconds to one minute.
  • Continue your dialog with the 911 center, and follow their instructions.
When do I text-to-911?

Make a voice call when you can. Text if you can't make a voice call, or if a voice call would put you in danger. Text-to-911 is not as fast as making a voice call. The 911 center may ask you to make a voice call if you don't know your location.

What else to I need to know?
  • Your phone must be able to send a text message. You can find out by texting a friend or family member to be certain.
  • Text-to-911 is not a priority service. It can be delayed. You can't send more than 160 characters.
  • If text-to-911 doesn't go through, you will get a 'bounce-back' message telling you to make a voice call to 911.
Where can I learn more about text-to-911?